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Setting up Groups Subscriptions

The Basics:

  • Popplet Groups subscriptions are open to everyone: schools, colleges, and education institutions by making purchasing Popplet much more affordable.
  • The minimum group/class size is 15.
  • Subscriptions offer each member of the group unlimited popplets for one calendar year.
  • There is a sliding price scale: the more you buy, the less it costs.

How To Purchase and Allocate Popplet Group Subscriptions 

1. Email and request the link to our Groups Management Page.

2. When you receive a response, click the link and enter your Popplet account details.
(If you don’t have a Popplet account, sign up for free!)

3. Purchase group subscriptions by selecting the “Get More Memberships” tab and enter the number of annual memberships you need in that group subscription. Our minimum is 15 and there is no maximum. You will need a credit card to make a purchase. If you are paying by other methods other than a credit card, please contact to process your payment.

Note: There will also be a unique Group Code generated. This Group Code will be the default password for group members, except the administrator. When you first purchase subscriptions, your account will be counted as the first created member in the group. Please take precaution to count the administrator as a subscription into the total number.

4. You don’t need to allocate all the subscriptions right away but it’s best to do so since the subscriptions revert to free accounts 365 days from the day of purchase. You can add users in bulk by going to the CSV Upload tool that’s linked at the top of Groups Management page.

Note: You will only see this message AFTER you’ve purchased subscriptions.

5. On the CSV upload tool page, you should see your email under “Account email.” Under “Upload CSV File,” click the “Choose File” to upload your .csv file. Follow the onscreen directions for formatting your document.  Once it’s done the information will be populated into a list.

6. Once you’ve confirmed the information is correct, press “Subscribe Members” to add members to your group subscription.
Note: You cannot undo this process on the management page going forward. To remove or edit student information, please contact for assistance.

7. Return to your Groups Management page by clicking “Back to Popplet Groups“, the back button on your browser or clicking the popplet Groups logo.

8. Under the “My Memberships” tab, you’ll see your full list of group members. You can view your membership count under “[user]’s memberships” on upper left side of your page.  Each member email listed will now be able to login using that email with the Group code in that list as their temporary password.  Once logged in, they can change to a permanent password in their account page.


Frequently Asked Questions about Group Subscriptions

Q. My students are under 13 and the terms and conditions say they can’t use Popplet. How can I use Popplet with students under this age?

A. Our terms and conditions reflect best practice in using Popplet with younger ages and align with industry standards set out in international legislation such as the United States’ Children’s Online Privacy Act. We do not collect information about ANY user beyond the basic registration name address and email. For under 13-year-olds, we recommend that teachers set up classroom student accounts and oversee/monitor the use of Popplet. In other words, Popplet accepts registration by under 13-year-olds where use is overseen by parents and guardians, including teachers.

Q. What about teachers and other school staff subscriptions?

A. Teachers must add themselves as one of the subscriptions to the group account in order to access their Popplet accounts. You can add teachers or relevant staff like librarians, who will be working with students on popplets.

Q. What happens to an individual’s Popplet account after the school year ends?

A. Popplet group subscriptions are for one full calendar year, commencing from the date payment is made. After this time, an individual’s account is still accessible but only the first 10 popplets are fully functioning (you can add to them and edit them), while any other popplets are “read-only” under the free account. The account cannot be removed.

Q. Can an administrator make changes (emails, passwords…) in the subscriptions page after students have been allocated their accounts?

A. No, this isn’t possible. So, when entering account details such as email addresses, it’s best to do so carefully and accurately. If you have any requests to remove or change a user, please contact and a representative will be able to assist you.

Q. Should I keep a record of all the individual account emails and passwords?

A. Yes, this is very good practice and may save staff and students time if there are ever any sign in issues.


Popplet has an absolute multitude of uses.  Sign up for a free Popplet account and create your own work.

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