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Popplet is the easiest way to visualize ideas.

Popplet helps capture, visualize, organize and share ideas. Use it to build everything from simple lists to timelines to complex spiderwebs. With text, images and video, Popplet works in all languages, and no language at all. Whether for school, for work or for life, Popplet helps you see what you think, how you think it.

Countless ideas, boundless creativity
and infinite possibilities.

It’s easy to build a mind map with Popplet. Map visual diagrams of ideas and concepts – we call them popplets – any way you like. Use text in any language, add images and videos or even draw in the popples (the bubbles). Arrange the popples in lines, circles, trees, spider webs, sunbursts or any crazy shape you want. Popplet is simple enough for little kids to learn colors of the rainbow, easy enough for grandparents to build a family tree, and complex enough for engineers to map the structure of their new app.

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Popplet is super simple to use

Jump right in! Working together is easy.

Popplet is so easy, people who’ve never built a popplet can collaborate in real time. From capturing initial thoughts to final presentations, Popplet makes team projects, homework assignments, and planning a family reunion simple. Groups spend time doing the work, not learning how to work Popplet. And the new Popplet lets people contribute from anywhere.

Try it now, free!

Because Popplet is so simple, our worldwide community has already made over 6 million popplets.

For School

Popplet helps students think, learn and remember. Great for classrooms, remote learning and group projects, Popplet adapts to note taking, homework, study guides, outlines, lesson plans and even dissertations.

Students can easily capture ideas, concepts and sequences, and map the connections between them. With text, images and video, Popplet mind maps are especially good for learning differences and kids with special needs like dyslexia. Popplet helps all students organize ideas, learn facts and retain information.

Plus, our new version works on Chromebooks, making it more accessible on more devices!


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For Work

Popplet offers a simple, flexible, scalable solution to build powerful mind maps for work. Whether it’s organizing ideas, collaborating remotely, capturing brainstorming, or creating timelines and flow charts for project management, Popplet adjusts to your needs.

It’s simple to transform a basic list of tasks into a complex diagram of dependencies and contingencies.

And our new HTML5 version means Popplet works in more browsers, like Firefox. 

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For Life

Popplet’s versatility means there are infinite possibilities to create mind maps for life and for fun.

Map out a weekly fitness plan. Teach your dad about Afro-Cuban percussion. Plan a road trip with itineraries and packing lists. Create a mood board for a Sims remodel or a vision board for real life goals. Nerd out on your favorite superheroes. Run a karaoke contest or a sports bracket.

Whenever and however you want to see your ideas, Popplet makes it easy.

Check out a fun popplet.

“My students create Popplets in their brainstorming stage of the writing process, to classify objects in science, to characterize famous people in social studies, to create word webs, etc. …Overall, Popplet is a wonderful teaching tool to help students create their own graphic organizer. If students can create something and teach it to others, then they have learned the material.”
—Kandis T.
Teacher, Green Sea Floyds Elementary
Common Sense Education
“Great place for my ADD brain to run free! I love that I can literally add whatever I want to a popplet and it will live there. I function best when I have clear visuals, and as a visual person and learner… I can modify things easily or remove and set aside things when I change where I’m going with a topic or idea.”
—Ashley H.
Deputy State’s Attorney
“I love how I can easily brainstorm and just go about adding thoughts in. I can change and edit easily while adding or removing videos, photos, and other media like links and whatnot. This is the best platform for me as I am a highly visual person. I love the app!”

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