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Four Ways to Get More from your Visual Thinking Tool!

Welcome to the Popplet blog: Poppletrocks! This is your resource for getting the most out of your idea sharing and visual thinking tool: Popplet!

You can use our blog in four ways:

1. Stay Up-to-Date With Popplet Happenings

With so much recent news to share – the release of the Popplet presenter tool, our next set of iPad app updates, shared ideas from our twitter feed – we needed to have somewhere to keep you up-to-date with everything we have planned for Popplet.

Our blog is the place to come to find out more about the latest Popplet enhancements.

2. Learn New Visual Thinking Techniques

Popplet is an ideas platform and visual thinking tool that helps you collect, curate and share information. Our blog will provide tutorials and techniques to help you make the most of Popplet.

Our online web app version of Popplet uses flash software inside a browser to allow you to create your popplets. Sometimes this means it works differently in different browsers. Our techniques and tutorials will offer the latest tricks, tips, and workarounds when your browser wants to do things its own way.

3. See How Others Are Using Popplet

We have been amazed by some of the unique and creative ways people are using Popplet. We want to share the stories and experiences of the Popplet community in our blog.

We know you will be inspired with new ideas from seeing examples of how others in the Popplet community use Popplet. You will see things from a new perspective and discover new ways of modeling ideas, whether it be created by:

  • professionals – like in this workshop summary that Emily Wray recently tweeted to share how teachers thought about using Popplet in her school district

  • hobbyists – like in the popplet Yasmin shared publicly to show some of the potential strategies available in a game of Street Fighter!

4. Reflect On How We Process Information And Connect With Ideas

Popplet is an idea modeler and knowledge management tool that is also fun to use. When we are compiling ideas and information, we understand that the sum is greater than its collection of parts. Sometimes when we try to understand something, all we see are the colored threads of the idea and not the rich tapestry pattern that it creates when we step back to look at the whole picture. Popplet helps you make connections, share ideas, and visually connect data in new and creative ways. This is part of why we think it is a unique product.

We are fascinated by how the brain processes words and pictures, and how we translate this information into knowledge. When we come across something particularly cool about how our brains work, we would love to share it with you in our blog posts. Sometimes a better understanding of the theory behind the ordering of data, the use of visual tools for productivity, or a deeper understanding of how the left and right brain hemispheres process information, can help us create a more communicative popplet.

Keep Up To Date With New Blog Posts

Stay in touch with Poppletrocks! and let us send you updates when we have new blog content to help you get more out of Popplet. Please share ideas with us about how you use Popplet or what you information you need to make the most of our visual and fun mind map software.

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