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Using Popplet In Presentation Format

Popplet is more than just a visual thinking tool for managing your information, images and media snippets. It is also a collaboration tool that can help you share ideas and work with team mates on developing concepts, drafting business plans, designing creative projects, and managing workflows.

Oner of the great ways you can use Popplet is to share your ideas in presentation format!

Check out our tutorials on using Popplets for Presentations:

Some tips on sharing ideas in presentation format

  • When you plan your presentation, try to keep your focus on no more than 3 take home messages. What 2 or 3 ideas or key concepts do you want your audience to remember when they are heading home that day?
  • Consider using an image or video at the start or end of your presentation that helps sum up the vision of your presentation. This will help you implement that old presentation adage:


  • say what you are going to say,
  • say it,
  • say what you just said.



  • Consider your audience’s preference: will they want a sense of being accompanied through the presentation, as if you were walking next to them and pointing things out (pan mode), or a more traditional lecture style where they can take notes (pop mode)?
  • Don’t forget you can collaborate with team mates on building your popplet ahead of putting it in presentation format.
  • You can also save your popplet as a pdf and print it off so you have access to your talking points or share as a handout page.

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