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Tutorial: How To Share On Public Popplets

A great many popplets are created and shared every single day. A quick look at Popplet’s very own open forum Public Popplets will reveal that hundreds of Popplet users choose to share their work publicly.

Public Popplets is the place to go when you are looking for ideas or inspiration. It is an excellent resource for educators. A place where the work their fellows and their students can be found. But Popplet isn’t just for education: a few minutes browsing in Public Popplets will reveal the enormous scope and variety of Popplet’s uses and users. Popplet work from all over the globe, in many languages, covering every subject imaginable.

How to Make a Popplet Public and Share it on Public Popplets

All newly created popplets are “private” by default, so Popplet authors need to choose if they want to have their work made available on Public Popplets. Most don’t share publicly at all, others share images of their work on social media. If you’re ready to share your work with the Popplet world, here’s how:

  • First, make sure you have a Popplet account. You can sign up by visiting the Popplet homepage, select log in, then click Sign up, and follow the instructions. When you’re done, you’ll have ten complimentary Popplet boards forever.
  • Next, create a new popplet or open on from your dashboard. We’re going to share Baby Names on Public Popplets, which is precisely what it says it is!
  • Then, when you’re popplet is open select the brown share button in the top right of the popplet.
  • Now you will see all of sharing options available, there are a lot and most of them are self-explanatory. However, to simply make your Popplet “public” and include in Public Popplets begin by clicking on make popplet public:
  • Finally, choose make this popplet public, and share in public popplets from the window that appears and save.

You’re popplet is now available in Public Popplets, and anyone with a Popplet account can view it and share the link and embed code. Anyone with the link can view the popplet, so that means pretty much everybody!

More About Public Popplets

How do I access Public Popplets?

Easy! From your Popplet dashboard select the Public Popplets tab. From there, you can choose to view the most recent or most popular popplets:

Can others share my popplet?

Yes, they can share the link. Other users can also immediately share your work on Twitter and Facebook. They can even embed your work on a website or blog post using the popplet embed code. Popular popplets will drive traffic to a website! Will other users be able to edit my work if I share it in Public Popplets? No, to do this you, as the Popplet’s author would need to add another person as a collaborator and specifically grant editing permissions.

Why can’t I see my work in Public Popplets?

Check that you have correctly followed the steps above. If you have then your popplet is in Public Popplets. Popplets in the “most recent” tab can only be viewed in date order. So, if you have recently made a popplet that you created at an earlier date public, then that’s where you will find it.

Can I remove a popplet from Public Popplets?

Of course, if you are the owner of the popplet board. Simply select one of the other two options in the make public window.

Can another Popplet user remove my popplet from Public Popplets? 

Only if you, as the owner, have given them editing permissions (see above). Or, if another user finds your work “inappropriate”, they can let Popplet know by clicking the report inappropriate content button. The Popplet will be removed from Public Popplets and an email sent to the popplet’s owner. If this happens to your popplet, respond to the email and we will investigate.

If you have any more questions about Public Popplets then contact the Popplet community on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.