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Top of the Popplets! – September 2016

September has seen more than its fair share of inspiring ideas and we endeavor to bring the best of them to you here. In Top of the Popplets, our monthly roundup of the popplets shared by the Popplet community. This month the cycle of life is explored in How an Apple Tree Grows, there’s a Soccer Lineup, we learn all about Johnny Appleseed, and young grammar fans will love learning more about Proper Nouns.

How an Apple Tree Grows

Photographs of student drawings (easily uploaded to Popplet) and text come together naturally to form a simple, informative visual in this lifecycle popplet. This popplet looks like it would be a lot of fun to make. Lifecycles and processes look good on a Popplet board, and you can make a popplet about almost anything. Thanks to Mrs. Bunch’s class for sharing this fine example on Instagram:

We used the app @poppletny to show how an apple tree grows!

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Soccer Lineup

Self-professed “Liverpool daft” soccer fan David shared this simple, but as far as we know, entirely novel use for Popplet: a sports team lineup. The player’s positions are crystal clear on Popplet, clarifying the job of selection and providing some insight. Add  photos of the players for a more interactive visual. Extra information could be added in separate popples or as popplet comments. Adaptable for all team sports. Thank you, David.


Johnny Appleseed

Popplet is ideal for character studies like this one about Johnny Appleseed. Students can work on their own, or together as part of a team, sharing their learning on a single popplet. As their knowledge grows, the popplet grows. For more Reading and History ideas, check out our earlier articles.

Proper Noun Popplet

There are a lot of great grammar popplets shared almost daily, and this Proper Noun popplet is one of them.  A fun, simple, effective demonstration of learning, which can be referred to time and time again.  The resulting popplet could even printed off and pinned to the wall, or kept in a student’s file. Adding images will make this activity more appealing to younger students. Thanks to Julie Jacobs for sharing this.

And there we have it for the month of September. You will find tons of great ideas on the Popplet Facebook and Twitter pages – you can also  share your ideas with the Popplet community! To get a glimpse at the hundreds of popplets shared every day by Popplet users in Public Popplets, just sign up for a free account.