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Top of the Popplets! – November 2015

Here we are again, another month passed, and another opportunity to check out all that is best in the Popplet world. Our regular – dare I say popular – monthly exposé of all your hard work. Maybe you’re searching for inspiration, or looking to build on an idea you already have, possibly you stumbled onto this page by accident – whatever! – feel free to take a look around. You won’t be disappointed.

Flipped Tools

Flipped Tools is precisely what it says it is: 80 tools for the Flipped Classroom. A useful and valuable reference for the Technology minded teacher. Images represent each tool/app, and they are classified without ceremony depending on their area of usefulness. Easy! Far more inviting than a boring old list of words, we’re sure you’ll agree!

POPPLET TIP: Always take credit for your work! We first came across this popplet on the Twitter feed of Fran Casal, and we’re grateful to him for sharing it, but like the true gentleman he obviously is, Fran has told us that the work isn’t his – does anyone know who created this magnificent Popplet specimen?

Traits of an Effective Teacher

What makes an effective teacher? Many things we think, but Morgan Smith has certainly identified the most important qualities required in her beautifully succinct popplet, Traits of an Effective Teacher. Excellent use of clip art, this popplet is visually attractive and oh so simple. Not only that,  this activity could easily be adapted in all sorts of ways: Traits of an Effective Astronaut, to name but one!

Books Matter

We agree, and we said as much in our recent post: Learning to Read: Popplet in the Reading Class article. Books Matter is not just a Popplet, it’s the name of a Canadian organization that collects and sends books to Ghana, West Africa to support the improvement of literacy. Keith Goddard, the founder of Books Matter, is also the creator of the above popplet. As well as the many obviously content young readers, it also contains a few facts about Books Matter and their work; there’s even a map of Ghana! What a great way to let people know what you’re doing and to encourage them to do the same. Well done Books Matter!

POPPLET TIP: Use text. Photos are good, no… photos are great! However, if you want your audience to know something of who or what is in the photos, add some text.

Nutricion ll (Nutrition ll)

Although obviously part of a bigger project, this amazing popplet, created by Valeria, stands alone as an example of the how the visual representation of facts can be both brought to life and simplified using Popplet. The complex pathways of the human circulatory system, and more, are illuminated using colours, text and dazzlingly clear diagrams. All organized and presented in such a way, that a layman would have little problem grasping the ins and outs of the human body.

POPPLET TIP: Use video. Valeria’s popplet uses excellent visuals, but sometimes a video can add another level of understanding to a subject.

Well, what’ll it be? Is Flipped Tools everything you’ll ever need? Does Morgan’s Traits of an Effective Teacher do it for you? Will you join us in a salute to Books Matter? Or, did you lose yourself in the inner self, with Valeria’s Nutrition ll? You decide!

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