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Top of The Popplets! – May 2016

The merry month of May has passed and left in its wake the usual fabulous assortment of Popplet ideas. As well as quite a few big hurrahs for Moms on Mother Appreciation Days everywhere, this month saw Speaking Exam, Digital Competency and Kenning Poem popplets. Where else could you experience such variety?

We Love Our Moms!

A superlative sampling of some of the marvelous mom appreciation popplets created by Mrs. Oxley-Simpson’s first-grade class. Each and every one these budding junior Picassos has harnessed the power of the Popplet drawing tool to create a colorful and radiant portrait of possibly the most important person in their lives.  And if these mini-masterpieces weren’t enough to convince us that these kids are serious about their moms, just check out their wonderful comments. Bravo guys!

Mom Popplets 3-COLLAGE

First Certificate Speaking Exam

“Know your enemy!” In other words: when you’re preparing for an important exam, learn as much as you can about it, especially if it is a speaking exam. One way of doing this, is to create a popplet that contains all the things you need to know. That’s what Victor did, and he was generous enough to share the results in Public Popplets. A popplet like this could serve as a valuable reference for anyone, but exam success stories are written by those who do stuff, and Popplet lets people do stuff while they study. Adaptable for any exam anywhere. Thank you Victor, and good luck with the exam!


Competencia Digital (Digital Competence)

Here we have an excellent example of how a substantial amount of key information can be displayed on a single popplet Board. Competencia Digital, shared on Twitter by Javier Sellers,  relies on succinct text, color coding and the addition clever graphics to get its message across – and what an informative and empowering message it is! A versatile presentation or classroom visual. Gracias Javier!

Poetry Popplet

We’re all about the work here at Popplet: serious, driven, ambitious…there is no way we would allow our precise, cold-steel judgment to be influenced by an image of a nice fluffy bunny rabbit – no way! So it’s good to know that the super-cute bunny who takes center stage in this Kenning Poem popplet, created by Miss Eaves’ Year 3 class isn’t the only reason this particular piece of popplet poetry was chosen – well, not the only reason.  The lovely little herbivore does play it’s part in helping potential young poets focus on their subject matter, providing the inspiration for the magical words that follow. Great idea – thank you, Year 3!
Rabbit Poem

So that’s it for May, but remember we can only include a very small sample of the popplets we find. If you are looking for more great popplet ideas, our Twitter and Facebook pages are full of them thanks to the thriving Popplet community. To access Public Popplets, simply sign up free for a Popplet account and start creating and sharing your very own popplets.