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Top of the Popplets! – January 2016

Welcome to the first edition of 2016 for our roundup of all the great Popplets shared by our users each month. If you are searching for inspiration, looking for something specific, or just want to see what Popplet is all about then this just might be the place for you. A useful, varied and impressive display of Popplets, and a fit beginning to a whole new year. An inspiring beginning! Well done everyone.

Rees Parent Technology Night

So impressed were we with the Rees Parent Technology Night popplet, that we were especially careful in uncovering its true creator just in case such masterly work be misaligned. The creator is no other than  Paul Baez, experienced educator and Principal of Rees Elementary School, Houston.  This Poster/Flyer type Popplet really is a beautifully presented, bilingual bonanza of ideas, the sum of which is an enticing invitation to the Rees Parent Technology Night, where parents are being asked to get to know the technology their children are learning with. Essential information in text popples, QR codes linking to Youtube videos making it interactive (fabulous!) and if that wasn’t enough, there are prizes too! Great work, nicely done. We wish we went to this school. Thanks Paul, we hope the Parent’s Night goes well.

POPPLET TIP: Finished popplets can be saved as pdf, jpeg or png files and they can be sent by email or printed for display or distribution. You can make perfect Popplet flyers or Popplet posters for an event, or to display your Popplet work.

Animales Vertebrados

This biology Popplet, Animales Vertebrados was shared on the Popplet Twitter page by the Spanish Ed Tech website Dis@nedu. Well arranged with simple but exceptional visuals this popplet has so, so much potential, and that is what we like about it. Imagine it as part of a greater popplet, describing more animals, or plants…or anything! All ideas, great or small, can find a home in Popplet. As far as developing ideas goes, Popplet might very well be limitless. And there’s more: as an added bonus Dis@nedu have published a very informative Popplet Manual (Spanish), on their webpage. Muchas Gracias Santiago Ortiz y Diego Guerrero.


Pronunciation Popplet

Pronunciation Popplet

Colors, text, action! Behold /Ai/  /Ay/ Vowel Pairs by Elijah Barajas, shared with the Popplet Twitter community by Dionna Spencer, a first grade teacher at Woodcrest Elementary, Fullerton. Spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation and of course, learning to read. Not to mention learning how to make a groovy popplet for revision, or to pin on the wall. Highly adaptable too. Thanks so much to Elijah and his teacher.

POPPLET TIP: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If you can use images in your popplets, then use them –  they help us remember stuff.

Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes

From the biggest (see above) to the smallest living things…and in the case of Prokaryotes the very oldest living things on Earth – Eukaryotes being the second oldest of course. Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes, published anonymously in our Public Popplets section. Awesome visuals, and all the important information differentiated and contrasted. This wonderfully informative popplet might be an individual showing their work, or a group effort. What it certainly is, is an excellent revision tool when it comes to exam time. Clear, concise and memorable. Great work. Thank you.

POPPLET TIP: Add videos to your popplets to add supporting information, or extra information or just for fun.

Thanks again to everyone for your inspiration and your ideas. Please, keep them coming. Enjoy more fine examples of Popplet work on Public Popplets and share with us, and our community on Twitter and on our Facebook page.