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Student Popplet Prep: Essay Writing

I have been assigned to read Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates and write an essay reflecting on his work for my AP Language class. Coates’ book, written as a letter to his son Samori, reflects on complex topics regarding racial injustices in the United States. There are multiple themes woven in the book, all of which are supported by eloquent quotes. I knew composing an essay about the relationship between this piece of writing and the current Black Lives Matter movement would require organized thinking and a deeper understanding of the themes brought up.

In order to prepare my thoughts, I turned to Popplet to jot down the three main themes, as well as some notable quotes to go along with them. Before beginning to write, it was helpful to visually mind map the large concepts of the book along side specific details. I could just get everything out of my head onto a roadmap. My Popplet outline became the foundation for writing a clear and analytical essay.  

– Ava V.
Rising High School Junior

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