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Student Perspective: Ways to Avoid Summer Slide with Popplet

Student Perspective

As debates continue over how schools will be reopening this fall, students are gearing up for a new school year full of unknowns. But what they do know for sure is that August is a good time to review class notes to avoid any summer slide. Mind maps are often overlooked as a fun way to repurpose school notes or homework assignments. Our guest blogger Ava V. shares her student perspective on how Popplet can help reorganize and refresh Math notes.

I am a rising junior in high school and I know that organized and thorough notes are an integral part of understanding a complex subject and preparing to perform well on exams. I find Popplet to be a very effective tool, especially in mathematics, which is evidently my best subject. Popplet has led me to methodically rearrange my Algebra 2 notes from a class packet, allowing me to clearly see the process of graphing trigonometric functions, for example.

In many ways Popplet is more beneficial than paper and pen. It gives you the ability to rearrange your thoughts and add as many categories needed to convey the information. I believe organized notes are imperative when studying for a test, and that is where Popplet can make or break your grade. Popplet’s simple nature allows you to use the iPad app or online version in a multitude of ways to suit your liking. I find that the flexible elements of the mind mapping tool make it an incredibly valuable application for schoolwork.

Try it out yourself! To avoid summer slide, go back and find some class notes to reorganize or review and give Popplet a try! Sign up here!

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