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Show Us Your Popplets!

Vietnamese Food
Mmmm, sunburst charts and goi cakes.

There are so many things to love about Popplet’s popplets, but our favorite is the infinite (literally, infinite!) ways Poppleteers show what they think, and how they think it.

A single topic can be visualized a hundred different ways, whether it’s kindergarteners exploring the colors of the rainbow, DJs building a relational “If you like this, listen to” diagram with album covers, couples doing table assignments for wedding receptions, or a CEO reorganizing her company.

This new favorite popplet came via a @thefebruaryteacher from Wales last week:

Hercules Popplet
Simple, easy and that phonetic spelling!

With 6 million popplets out there, we know we can’t see all the truly fantastic popplets.

To fix that, we want to share more popplets here on the blog. But we can’t sift through all those popplets ourselves. We need your help. We’ll pick a theme, and if you have a great popplet that fits, send it our way!

Today, we’re starting an ongoing call for favorite popplet submissions. They can be beautiful, silly, or scientific. They can be for work, for school or for grandma.  They can be a timeline, a spider web, or a sunburst. Just let us know why it’s a favorite!

Since the popplets you submit may be published here, please keep privacy needs in mind.

To submit your favorite popplets:

  1. Post your popplet’s url on social media, tagged with #favoritepopplet, or
  2. Email each popplet url separately to favorites at popplet dot com
  3. For each submission, include the popplet’s topic in the subject line, like, “Types of Chemical Reactions,”  “Weekly Wardrobe Planner” or “The Interconnectedness of Critical Infrastructures in the US.
  4. For email submissions, feel free to include an exported pdf or jpg, or a screenshot.

Pick your faves, send them to us, and keep ‘em coming! Your popplet might be a featured favorite one day!

Womens Sufferage
Sunbursts and spiderwebs and Alice Paul (We’re still trying to pass your bill, Alice!)

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