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Public Popplet of the Month

Yes, it’s time…Public Popplet of the Month time! If you have been paying attention to your Twitter feeds lately, you will have noticed that for the last four weeks we have been painstakingly selecting and sharing a weekly example of what we consider to be the finest Popplets published that week. Popplets created by you and generously shared with all of Poppledom; really, our praise knows no bounds. Thank you!

Public Popplets is home to a vast and incredibly useful library of Popplet work. Popplets on every subject imaginable, in multiple languages and of all degrees of simplicity can be found there. As a source of inspiration, admiration and ideas for those about to popplet, it cannot be equalled. But it is so much more: check out our previous article on the many uses of Public Popplets to see just how cool Public Popplets really are.

So, without further ado, in order of publication date, this month’s best Public Popplets:

La Mariposa (The Butterfly)

La Mariposa

Simple, elegant and informative. Clear and colorful visuals, good layout and minimal text make the lifecycle of the butterfly an almost tangible experience. Sublime work. Thank you Silvia.

POPPLET TIP: Layout is key. “La Mariposa” has a very good layout. Another option would be to have the different stages arranged in a circle. Experiment always!

Los 5 Sentidos (The 5 Senses)

Simple symmetrical layout, precise color coding, attractive and well selected images, and a spot on balance of image and text are what distinguishes Los 5 Sentidos. A visually appealing and educational popplet. Fine work. Thank you Irantzu.

POPPLET TIP: Irantzu has kept the default title of “my new popplet”. If you want more people can view your work, it’s always best to choose a good name for it. Own it always!


What is linguistics? Truth is, until we saw this Popplet from Laura Tatiana, we weren’t very sure – but now we are! This is a great example of how a seemingly complex subject can be rendered comprehensible and accessible by visual representation. Logical layout that’s easy to follow, simple but effective use of color to highlight main ideas, explanations and examples – all contained in a single visual. Remarkable work. Thank you Luara Tatiana.

POPPLET TIP: Always try and make full use of Popplet’s features if you want your popplet to be the best. In the Linguistic Popplet, more colors could have been used to contrast and clarify ideas and examples. Use it or lose it!


The simplicity with which Erica has wielded Popplet to dissect the popular Fairy Tale into its pertinent parts is a little scary. Never fear, as in all good Fairy Tales, such courage does not go unrewarded. Our reward is that we have an excellent example of how Popplet can be used in the analysis of films, plays and books. Perfect use of color, well balanced layout and minimal text. Great work. Thank you Erica.

POPPLET TIP: It’s easy to upload images to Popplet so always use them if you can. Cinderella could have been brought to life with a few well placed images – if you believe in such things! Believe always!

So, what do think? Está encantado con “La Mariposa” de Silvia? Do you feel love for Irantzu’s “Los 5 Sentidos”? Does Laura Tatiana’s “Linguistics” do it for you. Or, are you charmed by Erica’s wicked “Cinderella”?

Vote by sharing your appreciation with us, and our community on Twitter and on our Facebook page.