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Public Popplet of the Month: September 2015

September brings our second instalment of our popular new series Public Popplet of the Month. Every week, we raid the valuable resource that is Public Popplets, selecting the most exciting examples of your Popplet work – which can also be viewed on Twitter.  At the end of every month, we draw your best work together in one easy to read article, so Popplet users everywhere (ourselves included!) can be interested, impressed, and inspired by what fellow Popplet users all over the world are creating. 

Public Popplets is home to a vast and incredibly useful library of Popplet work. Popplets on every subject imaginable, in multiple languages and of all degrees of simplicity can be found there. As a source of inspiration, admiration and ideas for those about to popplet, it cannot be equalled. But it is so much more: check out our previous article on the many uses of Public Popplets to see just how cool Public Popplets really are.

So, without further ado, in order of publication date, September’s best Public Popplets:

Borrowing Money

Borrowing Money

Everybody’s doing it and let’s face it, not everyone is doing it correctly! – enough said. Maybe if we all took a look at William’s prudent popplet on the subject of borrowing money, then maybe more of us would get it right! Good use of color, text, image and video: an often difficult and sometimes painful subject rendered knowable by the power of Popplet. Thanks William!

POPPLET TIP: Layout is key. “Borrowing Money” has a very good layout, but it is a little informal for this formal topic, consisting of irregular spacing and popple size. Remember, Popplet’s formatting tools can help bring order to the most unruly popplets. Get organized!


Finally we get it! –  if there is anything to get of course. Yes, no, maybe…never mind! Brilliantly confounding Cubism forms the topic of this next work by Raul. A visually enticing collage that coordinates popplet color with content, with just the right amount of disorder in the layout to engage those of the artistic persuasion – not just a delight to see but informative too. A Popplet Masterpiece. Thanks Raul.

POPPLET TIP: Raul has maintained an impressive balance between the aesthetic and the informative, however, pictures do speak louder than words, especially when it comes to famous faces…Hello magazine for example? Always put a face to a name, it’s what the people want!

The Brain

Mind mapping – literally! By employing a highly effective neural style layout and by classifying and clarifying using colors and links, CBC has produced a useful informative visual that little by little  simplifies and demystifies the most complex of human parts. Mesmerizing! Thanks CBC.

POPPLET TIP: Multilevel visuals such as this one can be viewed using our Timewarp feature, which lets you look at older versions of popplets you create – a record of work in progress. Ideal for presentation purposes, when introducing information in phases. Get the most out of Popplet!

“Will” and “Going to”

Jazmin has successfully thrown light on the notoriously grammatically difficult English future – where, naturally all is uncertain –  with this clever comparison of future expressions Will and Going to. Perfect use of  layout, color and text create an excellent study of this grammar point, and if you are still confused, there are videos (in Spanish only!) that explain everything. Great stuff! Thanks Jazmin.

POPPLET TIP: Visuals are great for providing context and stimulation in learning environments. They can also animate Popplets, making them more engaging. Use images!

So, what do think? Does William’s “Borrowing Money” leave you cold? Do you totally get “Cubismo” by Raul? Have you become mesmerized by “The Brain” of CBC? Can you confidently express the future after studying Jazmin’s “Will and Going to”?

What is your Public Popplet of the Month? Vote by sharing your appreciation with us, and our community on Twitter and on our Facebook page.