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Post Your Popplets And Ideas To Our Facebook Page

Share your Popplet projects and talk with other Popplet people on our re-vamped Facebook page. It pops!

As regular blog readers know, our focus this year has been on strengthening our data storage capacities and building a system that allows users to access unlimited popplets.

Since these two key goals are now in place, we are able to give some much-needed support and love to our neglected Facebook page. While we have several avenues for you to contact us if you have a problem with using Popplet (you can tweet us, send an email to, or post a message on our Get Satisfaction community board), few Popplet users have been using our Facebook page to connect with each other.

Several users tweet about how they use Popplet and to share their own videos, blog posts or finished popplets with others over the web. Occasionally (but very rarely), we get a comment to one of these blog posts. And some users have starting pinning their Popplets onto a Pinterest board to share with others.

But now we have re-booted our Facebook page as a hub for all discussions and sharing of your Popplet experiences. This is the ideal space to post your popplet project work. Perhaps you have a concept map you want to share, or a blog post or screencastr video you made about Popplet, or perhaps you want to show off the finished work you created after using Popplet as one of your production tools. We want to know and we encourage you to post it on our Facebook page!

For the next two weeks, we will be focusing on Popplet in education: both here on our blog and daily on our Facebook page. In part, we want to test the level of interest amongst students and teachers for sharing lesson plans and classroom activities via our Facebook page, but any comment or discussion on how you use Popplet is welcome.

To get started, please like our Facebook page so our updates will be included in your news stream. You can also use our Facebook app to access Popplet from within Facebook. We’re looking forward to hearing much more about our loyal community of Popplet users via Facebook! See you there…

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