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Popplet People on Twitter – More Great Popplet Ideas

Popplets can be found anywhere on the planet. We have proof: when Popplet has issues (everyone has issues sometimes), we are quickly able to resolve them because Popplet people let us know about them in multiple languages. Popplet’s ubiquitousness is known to us for other more positive reasons of course, one of which is Popplet’s strong presence on the internet and social media.

A quick Google search will reveal the wealth of Popplet articles and images published every day. Popplets can also be found on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. For a constant stream of great Popplet ideas, however, we suggest you check out Popplet on Twitter.

Educators and students of all disciplines and every level use Twitter. Writers, artists, and other creatives use Twitter. Entrepreneurs, business people, and other professionals use Twitter. In fact, there really is no way to define a Twitter user – people from every walk of life use Twitter for different things. What’s important to us, is that a great many people use Twitter to publish their Popplet work.

Of course, we keep a close eye on Twitter, but sometimes we are so impressed by what we see, that a simple retweet doesn’t do a Popplet idea justice. So we thought we’d bring some of the best of Popplet Twitter to you.

The Life Cycle Of An Apple Tree – Student Engagement

Popplet is a highly effective and popular digital learning tool, especially in the hands of early-learners. Students can get so excited and become so engaged that they don’t want to stop learning, not a bad thing! Fortunately for us, ES Tech and Design Coordinator John Chin captured just such a moment in Mrs. Millar’s class and shared it on Twitter. Not Just once, but twice! Look at these first-graders put the Popplet Drawing Tool through its paces:

3D Shape Hunt – Mathematics, Technology, The World

There’s always more to learn, and the world is a big place. But give a group of five-year-olds an iPad and Popplet and they will most definitely make a good start on notching up their knowledge. With Popplet they can snap an image and immediately upload it to their popplets, learning as they go. Check out this highly effective, multi-skilled activity from Technology Coordinator Sana Noor:

Timelines – More Than a History Lesson

Timelines are a Popplet staple, much used in the history classroom. In saying that they can also be an important part of any learning activity where change and progress are the focus. Mita Mohaptra, ICT facilitator and Seesaw Ambassador, has outdone herself with these Transport Timelines, which her students went on to upload as videos to Seesaw:

We can’t see the videos from the tweet but if you follow Mita on Twitter and ask her nicely she might just share them with you – that’s what we did.

Evolution: Flowcharts about Dinosaurs

Biology popplets are always interesting and exciting due to the images they contain. Students rely heavily on visual techniques to learn and demonstrate that learning. Popplet ticks all the boxes in the biology classroom. Take these Dinosaur Flowcharts from Year 3 at Mossbourne Riverside School:

Lesson Planning – Collaborative Learning

There was a time when lesson planning was the domain of the teacher, things have changed, however. Digital technology has facilitated many positive changes in methodology such as learners planning their own lessons. Apple Teacher and Computing Lead, Chris Thedoulou knows this as we see from this tweet he shared of Year 6 students planning their English lesson. Poppet allows for real-time collaboration so everyone can work together.

Literacy: Text Analysis and Multiple Skills

Popplet has many uses in language learning. Popplets demonstrating learning techniques pertaining to Reading and Writing from Kindergarten to Higher education as well as other areas feature daily on Twitter. Third-grade Dual Language Teacher, Bethany Smith, kindly shared her classroom getting to grips with cause and effect relationships in non-fiction texts – impressive work:

For more ideas and insight into how Popplet is being used by millions and to see and share Popplet work join our thriving communities on Twitter and Facebook.

Popplet is available as an app for iOS devices: Popplet Lite (free) and Popplet. There is also a web version and you can sign up here. When you do, you’ll receive ten complimentary Popplet boards. Go create!