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Popplet Halloween Ideas

Halloween can be about so much more than Trick or Treating. This traditional annual celebration of all things spooky is an opportunity for children to learn. The importance of traditions, history, the differences between fact and fiction and storytelling. They can also study how people from other cultures celebrate their Halloween.

At Popplet we love Halloween. At times like this, we get a good look at how incredibly creative our most avid users are. Check out some of their ideas.

Simple Halloween Popplets – K3
Making Halloween popplets is just about as much fun as you can have at Halloween without Trick or Treating – honest! There are even a variety of ways to make them.

  • Source traditional Halloween images – ghosts, witches, black cats…and upload them to a popplet like Mrs. Anton’s 1st graders did here:

mrsantons popplet

  • If your little ones are lucky enough to be dressing up for Halloween, have them snap some shots of each other with their devices. Then use these pics as the images for their popplets.
  • Get students to use the Popplet Drawing Tool to add create their own Halloween images.

Factual Halloween Popplets K3 and above

Older students will enjoy making simple Halloween popplets, but they will enjoy this activity more if they have to research their subject matter and add their results to their Popplet projects.


Halloween Reading and Popplet

Halloween is all about stories and you can build up to the special day, by reading scary stories. Readers can deepen their understanding of texts by creating popplets about character traits, plot, or cause and effect as in this marvelous Frankenstein popplet:


If you’re looking for a book that’s suitable for your students, check out, Halloween Hullabaloo, a Terrorific Reading List Popplet, courtesy of Librarian’s Quest. Books are sorted by grade making a user-friendly popplet.

Writing and Storytelling Popplets
Halloween is not only about reading stories, it’s about telling stories, and who doesn’t like to tell stories when they can? With Popplet students can brainstorm, plan and visualize story ideas. They can collaborate on story planning popplets in groups.  They can present their work using popplet presentation mode. Many characters, character traits, and storylines can be added.  Look at this spooky story plan:

The popplets that your young scribes create, will make for good visuals, inspiring creativity. They might clear writer’s block. They will also make excellent narrative aids come story-telling time.

The rest is up to you. Share your Halloween Popplets with us on our Twitter, and Facebook page. Sign up for a free Popplet account with five free Popplet boards, and access the amazing Public Popplets.