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Popplet for AP History Exam

The AP United States History exam covers an immense amount of material learned over the course of the school year. Centuries of varying presidents, Supreme Court cases, wars, and legislation are all compiled into one big test, which makes for a stressful few weeks of studying.

Timelines are a good way to keep track of the sequence of events in a certain time period, such as World War I. Since poppets can be configured with both linear or non-linear layouts, I was able to mind map American involvement in the war in order to understand each individual event that occurred and how it shaped the United States’ foreign policy system. With all the subjects to cover for this exam, Popplet can accommodate a great variety of dates, events and people in one visual place. If I tackle different units at a time, my big history test can seem a little more manageable. 

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-Ava V.

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