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Show Us Your Popplets!

There are so many things to love about Popplet’s popplets, but our favorite is the infinite (literally, infinite!) ways Poppleteers show what they think, and how they think it. A single topic can be visualized a hundred different ways, whether it’s kindergarteners exploring the colors of the rainbow, DJs building a relational “If you like …

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New Popplet! No Flash!

Come try out a preview of the new Popplet in HTML5 (no Flash necessary, yay!). We’ve been working hard to bring you a more dependable non-flash version of Popplet, one with no more hassles or plug-ins. We’re excited to help you to organize your ideas on more browsers, including Chrome! Input from you – yes, you! – …

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How to Mindmap People: Popplet Biographies

Whatever the subject there will always be that someone, who when we take a closer look at them, will deepen our knowledge. For example, think Eddison – think lightbulb, think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  – think equality and justice, think George Orwell – think Big Bother Is Watching You! In fact for some learners, …

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Popplet Wants Your Help

At Popplet, we’re collaborators. And we’re here to support you during these changing times. Over the coming months, we’ll be making improvements to user experience, design, and how you pay.  In the meantime, you’ve been loyal to us, so now let us know how we can help you. Share your thoughts in our short survey …

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Having Issues with Popplet in Chrome? – Try Edge

While working hard on the brand new Popplet website, one which no longer relies on Adobe Flash Player, it has become apparent that a number of users are experiencing issues using Popplet in Google Chrome. Our solution for the moment is to switch to using the Microsoft state-of-the-art browser, Edge.  We cannot say with certainty …

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Let’s Work Together: Sharing with Popplet and the World

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt daily living all over the world, schools and businesses have sensibly closed their doors. Not so long ago, this would have meant an end to much of the learning. Nowadays this is not the case. The internet makes it possible for quality communication and collaboration to continue whatever’s going on …

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