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New Popplet Features Now Available Online!

Over the past month, Popplet has released a set of new features for our web-based Popplet community.

Now you have greater flexibility with how you present your popplet creations, can add new videos, and save presentations in high definition. We have more features to roll out soon, but here’s a quick summary of some of our new features that you may not have noticed…

Picture 49

Presentation Mode 2: You can already set up a presentation mode to show each popple in your popplet creation in a set order to use in presentations. Now, with presentation mode 2 you can display multiple popples in the one slife. We will have a complete tutorial to show you how to make the most of this feature next week on our blog.

hi res popplets 2

High Definition saving of popplets as a PNG image: Due to overwhelming demand, we have been able to introduce a high resolution format to help you save larger and more complex popplet maps. This is particularly useful for business brainstorms and when using Popplet to submit schoolwork. Check out our two minute tutorial to learn how to save popplets in high definition.

…And feel free to post your high definition images on our Facebook wall!

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Add Vimeo videos: You have always been able to add youtube videos to your web popplets. Now you can add vimeo videos to your popplets as well. Popplet is – at its core – a visual thinking tool, so being able to add a wider range of video options helps you think visually and collate more content on your chosen topic. Look out for our in-depth look at how you can use Popplet to improve your visual thinking skills in nour upcoming blog showcase. To coincide with the new Vimeo feature, we look at 7 different ways to think visually about film with Popplet.

Picture 47

Turn back time: One of our lesser known features is the Timewarp option. This is especially useful for collaborative popplets where you may need to have a closer look at earlier versions of your popplet before everyone in your team started to get busy! Check out the Timewarp option under Popplet Labs to retrace your steps and see how an idea formed and grew with the help of all your teammates.

We have many more features to offer coming soon, and look forward to your feedback on these new enhancements. Let us know on our Facebook page or via Twitter how you are using our new Popplet features.