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Let’s Work Together: Sharing with Popplet and the World

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt daily living all over the world, schools and businesses have sensibly closed their doors. Not so long ago, this would have meant an end to much of the learning. Nowadays this is not the case. The internet makes it possible for quality communication and collaboration to continue whatever’s going on so the learning doesn’t have to stop.

During these troubled times, committed educators are taking to the internet – usually from their own homes – and broadcasting and sharing activities with their students. Parents are joining in too, and the whole effort is emerging as a powerful message of hope.

Popplet is proud to be a part of the message and to help you participate and share with the world we have brought together some of the app’s most useful collaborative features.

Collaborating with Popplet

Popplet helps you to share your work by adding collaborators. When you add collaborators you will be able to:

  • Invite and receive feedback
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Participate in activities in real-time
  • Set and participate in group assignments and group discussions
  • Work together on projects in real-time
  • Assign access levels and user permissions

Find out how to make use of Popplet’s collaborative features; stay in touch with classmates, students, and colleagues; and participate in activities in the blog post below:

Two Minute Tutorial: Collaborating with Popplet

Who Can See My Popplet?

Not everybody wants to share with the whole wide world. For many different reasons, the freedom to choose who views your work is important and Popplet has the tools to help you make those choices.

Popplet has a range of privacy levels that let you manage who can see your popplets, and how. Safe and simple, like all things Popplet, the different levels are outlined below:

  1. “for your eyes only”, make this popplet private, popplet’s default privacy setting
  2. “need to know”, make this popplet public, but don’t show in public popplets
  3. “me, you…everybody”, make this popplet public, and show in public popplets

To learn more about how to make the choices you need to make around sharing Popplet work take a look at the full article:

Who Can See My Popplet?

If you’re an educator, student, or parent working from home, creating and learning, we urge you to join the millions of others who are choosing to share their work either within their groups or globally. This is the time to stay connected people. Here’s a list to get you started:

You can share with the Popplet community by joining us on Twitter and on our Facebook page. If you don’t already have an account, go to the Popplet homepage and sign up and we’ll give you ten complimentary Popplet boards to get you started.

You have nothing to lose and much to give and to gain. Join us!