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iPad App Tip of the Day: Transferring Your Popplet From Lite to the Paid Version

We understand that if you are new to the Popplet iPad app, you may want to take it for a roadtest first by downloading Popplet Lite.

iPad app Popplet and Popplet Lite
Try before you buy with Popplet Lite, and share your feedback in an iTunes product review

Of course, after you have had a play around, we are confident that many of our other Lite users, you will want to gain access to more popplets and all our features by buying the full ipad app version! Thanks for your support!

If you have bought our iPad app, we don’t want you to have to spend time recreating your first popplet from the Lite version in your full feature iPad app. Here’s how to move your popplet across from Lite to Paid:

1. Log in to the Popplet Lite app.

2. Choose “Select all” from the gear cog menu in Lite.

3. When all the popples are selected, choose “Copy” from the same menu.

4. Log in to your iPad paid app version.

5. Select paste from the gear cog menu. It’s that easy! Now you can spend that extra time creating more popplets.

What do you like most about our ipad app? Why note take a minute to share your review with us in the iTunes app store. Please login to our Lite or full app pages and share what you think about our app with other iPad users.

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