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Inspired Popplet Ideas: Recipe Popplets – Quesada Pasiega

Every now and then when we are searching for inspiration for the blog, we go foraging through Public Popplets: the completely free and entirely accessible collection of Popplet creativity, graciously shared by the global Popplet community. With hundreds of popplets shared daily, we never leave empty-handed.

It is possible, that at the time of our most recent visit to Public Popplets, it was close to lunchtime. Whatever the reason, the work that really caught our collective eye – and maybe our collective stomach – was the delectable “Quesada”, a recipe popplet, courtesy of Gabi, which we came across in Public Popplet’s most popular section.

Quesada Pasiega as it’s more commonly known is a type of cheesecake which has its origins in the Cantabria region of Spain. Be aware though, “cheesecake” is about as close as we can get to describing this delicious dessert.

When the oohing and aahing are done, taste buds and rumbling tummies set aside, it’s not too hard to understand why Gabi’s simple recipe popplet is so popular. Let’s break it down.

INGREDIENTES (Ingredients)
There’s no predefined place to begin learning about “Quesada” on this popplet, the whole experience is a visual feast. So, let’s simply begin with the list of ingredients. Nothing special about that you may say, all perfectly standard stuff. Not so! By making use of Popplet’s add image feature, Gabi has produced an ingredients list using labeled images of everything needed to make the perfect “Quesada”. This adds clarity and touch of fun to the project. Adding images as ingredients could also prove useful when creating recipe popplets in other situations such as with children or language learners.

Additional information about quantities or types of ingredients could be added to a separate popple or as a popplet comment, so as not to clutter up the main popplet board:


CURIOSIDADES (Interesting Facts)
It’s always nice to know a little more about exactly what’s on your plate. In fact, one of the main pleasures of going out to eat or serving food to friends and family is talking about the delights on offer. Knowing all of this, of course, Gabi has included a few interesting facts about “Quesada” in her popplet. Not exhaustive by any means, simply interesting.

LA RECETA (The Recipe)
We have all the ingredients we need, we have a little culture: certainly enough for a few enlightened phrases about “Quesada” at dinner. Maybe we’ve even developed an interest in Spanish cuisine, but we still haven’t learned how to put all this knowledge together and make “Quesada” yet. Patience, here we go!

We especially like how Gabi dealt with this: she got some expert advice, and added it to her popplet as a video. The expert in question is Carmen, whose amazing video from her equally amazing YouTube channel, Cocina con Carmen sets out precisely and energetically the steps that need to be followed to create the perfect “Quesada”. Now, the video is in Spanish and doesn’t have subtitles in any other language, but non-Spanish speakers fear not, Carmen’s enthusiasm for her task surpasses language barriers! Here’s a version of the recipe in English, just in case.

And there you have it, perfect Quesada Pasiega – “riquisima!”

Have you been getting creative in the kitchen lately? Are you using Popplet for any of your recipes? If you are, we would really like to see them – we’re always hungry for new ideas at Popplet! Don’t be greedy, share your ideas with the Popplet community on Twitter and Facebook page.

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