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How to Popplet for Language Study

This fall I am starting my junior year of high school. Since I will be taking IB and HL classes, I take any opportunity I can to review my notes and go over what we’ve learned sophomore year. One class that’s especially important to go over is my language class. I take Mandarin, which is arguably the hardest language my school offers. In order to stay on top of my skills and memorize words/phrases, I’ve been looking over my notes and listening to speaking practice.

Popplet allows me to connect images to words, which greatly helps me memorize and remember what the word means. The format makes for a simple, straightforward, and memorable visual.

What’s also great is that I can add more to the Popplet as much as I want, so I can come back to the Popple and add more words as the year goes on.

-Jasmine N.



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