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How To Get 10 Free Popplet Boards

Do you know that anyone who signs up for a Popplet web account gets ten Popplet boards absolutely free? No strings attached, no publicity (we never do that). Ten free popplets to do with as you please – that’s the deal. 

If you aren’t sure why you might want ten free popplets, enter “popplet” or “popplet….” followed by any topic you can think of into a search engine then click on images for a random samples of amazing Popplet creativity such as this:

Convinced? Let’s go!

How To Sign Up To For A Free Popplet Account

  • Begin by opening the Popplet homepage in Google Chrome*, it should look something like this:
  • Next, click on try it out at the top right of the page and you will see the popplet demo:
  • After you’ve spent hardly any time at all learning the Popplet basics, select sign up! from the top right of the page and enter your details:
  • When that’s done, you’ll be offered a choice of Popplet Plans. For ten free popplets, choose The Free Plan by selecting sign me up:
  • Well done, you are now looking at your very own Popplet dashboard. It’s time to get to work!

You can do a massive amount of stuff with ten Popplet boards. If you find that ten popplets aren’t enough, however – and for many schools, companies, and creative professionals that is the case – then you can opt to either delete existing boards to make way for new ones or select a paid plan to have unlimited popplets. Check out all of  Popplet’s plans here.

We could ramble on about how everyone deserves the opportunity to get creative with Popplet…because they do but we aren’t doing that. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should. Ask anyone on our Twitter and Facebook page.