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Holiday Planning With Popplet

Summer is well and truly here, and it’s time to put those important finishing touches to those perfect vacation plans. Or, you might just be throwing caution to the wind this holiday season, surrendering to mood or fancy and striking out towards the unknown. Whatever your outlook or stage of vacation readiness, packing Popplet on your trip will add a new dimension to your travel adventure. Be it a short city break or a grand Amazonian adventure, before packing, by your side throughout your journey, and after your return, Popplet makes a trusty holiday buddy. Some ways Popplet can be helpful to the traveler or holidaymaker

  • Brainstorming holiday ideas – choose the place you really want to go while collaborating with holiday companions.
  • Itinerary – plan, plan, plan…if that’s your thing. A little bit doesn’t hurt anyone!
  • Holiday blog/postcard – record and share your experiences and send a “digital postcard” to friends and family.
  • The holiday photos – create a Popplet Presentation for yourself or to bore your friends on your return!.

Brainstorming Holiday Ideas: Where do you really want to go?

It’s good to have Popplet around to help with all of the organizing and decision making. Choosing the perfect holiday destination isn’t always easy, especially if you are traveling with friends. Take a look at this marvelous Mediterranean Holiday Ideas popplet:

Document your desires; carry out research; add maps, photos, and videos; list pros and cons… And, If you’re not in the immediate vicinity of your travel buddies, collaborate long distance on your holiday ideas. What more could you ask for?

Itinerary – The Day to Day

Decision made, you’re all set, and now you want to squeeze the maximum amount of enjoyment from your vacation – nothing wrong with that!  At this point, you could adopt a “devil may care” attitude and hope that great things will just happen all on their own – and they very well might! Then again, they might not. So, a planned trip to Barcelona anyone?

As you can see from the above popplet, an itinerary really doesn’t have to be exhausting. With Popplet you are free to plan as much or as little of your days away as you choose. Add photos, links and videos of all the things you want to see and do, add travel and accommodation details, add times. Use Popplet comments to add important itinerary notes to avoid cluttering your visual schedule. You can even use Popplet in real time to share information with your traveling companions.

Travel Blog oand Digital Postcards

Nothing like being in an exotic place when your friends and loved ones are still working. Of course, we mean that they will be happy to share in your fun, looking forward to the day their time comes. Or they might just be happy for you! Yep, sharing is great, and with Popplet’s embed code sharing your vacation experiences is easy. You might record the significant events of your trip on video, letting your absent besties share some of those treasured moments. You can also publish photos, and make as many notes as necessary to convey just how good a time you’re having. With Popplet always handy on your iPhone and iPad, the folks back home don’t have to miss a thing. Check out this travel blog made by students on a trip to Edinburgh:

Holiday Blog

The Holiday Photos – Popplet Presentations

So now you’re back home, and the initial post-holiday blues have tapered to a mild hum, and you feel safe enough to relive those magical holiday moments without breaking down and immediately calling the travel agents. It’s time for the showing of the holiday photographs, and for this Popplet has two presentation modes.

Begin by creating the right atmosphere: show off your Planning, Itinerary, and Blog Popplets. For those fortunate enough to be present, it will be “just like being there”.

After the scene is set, begin the Popplet Presentation. This will provide the well-known and much-loved “slide show” format for your specially selected snaps. Dazzle your audience with the delights of your journey, your sublime photographic skills, and your technical expertise. All present will be suitably impressed, and you yourself might find the desire to run to the airport has lessened.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 17.55.58

So we here we are at the end of another Popplet blog article journey. As always, we would really like to see your ideas about how you are using Popplet on your travels – keeping those holiday photos to a reasonable minimum of course! You can do this by sharing your experiences with us, and our community on Twitter and on our Facebook page.

For now, Bon Voyage!