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Head Of The Classroom Apps

Is Popplet one of your key classroom apps? Help us learn more about how you use Popplet in education settings

All of us here at Team Popplet are proud to read the daily tweets, support emails, and online education technology blogs that talk about how Popplet is one lof the key classroom apps used by educators all around the world.

Popplet has been used with students of all ages to:

  • encourage collaboration on team projects
  • map concepts and create timelines
  • visually show the connection between information and ideas
  • assist with remembering new facts and figures.

Teachers use Popplet in lesson planning and encourage students to use Popplet for independent study and note-taking. Some teachers have incorporated using Popplet into assignment tasks.

If you use Popplet in any education setting – from primary school to formal professional development courses – we want to hear from you.

In order to continue to strengthen Popplet’s data storage reliability and capacity, and to extend our web and iPad app features, we are considering a modest subscription plan. Our survey for the education sector aims to make sure that the introduction of any subscription model will not act as a barrier to Popplet’s continued use as one of your top classroom apps.

You can:

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

All survey respondents will receive an additional 25 popplets.

Got more to share about using Popplet as one of your classroom apps? Please feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “Head Of The Classroom Apps”

  1. The reason you are so amazing is because your a web 2.0 tool. Web 2.0 tools are what educators live off. If you start charging they will just go somewhere else to another start up company. Maybe you should try splitting up popplet between regular popplet and

    Just make sure that the students and or teachers have a valid education email and continue to serve the education industry rather than treat them like a business.

    Lastly – Please find a way to mix the online popletts to sync with the popplets in my ipad.

    Love Popplet. Popplet is a perfect example of how my brain thinks.

    1. Thanks Carlos for the feedback. Being accessible to the education sector is a priority for us. We have been amazed and inspired by how broadly Popplet has been taken up as an education aide: in the classroom, for personal study, and amongst the teaching, training and academic professions. The idea of making it accessible to anyone with a valid email address is worth looking into whether it is possible.

      We do know how important it is for our iPad users to be able to sync between your offline and online work. While it is complicated coding that we are planning for a future release, we have made it much easier to select multiple popples and copy them to a new popplet board with our forthcoming iPad version. Let us know what you think with a product review when it is released.

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