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FAQ: What’s Happening to Flash?

We want to make sure that your transition to our new version of Popplet is smooth. Popplet for web browsers now uses HTML5 – the latest, greatest modern web standard – instead of Flash. All your Flash popplets work now in the new HTML5 version of Popplet for the web. There is nothing you need to do for this changeover, just log in!

Please be aware that Adobe will stop supporting Flash on December 31, 2020.  Starting January 1, 2021, popplets will be exclusively HTML5.  

What if my favorite feature seems to be missing?

If you’re missing a feature from the Flash version, you can access the classic Flash version of Popplet available here to access functions not yet available. In the coming weeks, we will be updating Popplet to include all the best features you know and love.

Just in case, don’t forget to let us know what you’re missing so we can make sure your favorite features make it into the next version! Please fill out our brief survey and let us know your thoughts!


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