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10 Reasons To Carry Popplet In Your Digital Pencil Case

Many students use digital devices that contain tools to enhance their learning, a bit like the traditional pencil case that most students still carry. Limited space means only vital tools can fit in the pencil case. Same should go for digital equivalents: tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks… but that’s not the norm. There are currently so many learning apps available that devices often become cluttered in a way that the traditional pencil case can’t. So, to get the most out of your digital pencil case, you need to choose your tools wisely.

There are a lot of solid, useful educational apps out there and choosing what’s best can be a perplexing decision.  From what and our users tell us Popplet is a valuable addition to any digital pencil case and well worth having. If you’re new to Popplet or even a bit of a digital novice then there’s no better place to start. Here’s why.

Popplet Is Free

Sign up for a Popplet account online and you will receive ten complimentary popplet boards and access to Public Popplets. There is also a free version of the Popplet iOS app. If you need more, you can find out about all of the available Popplet plans here.

A Great All-rounder

Some say Popplet is a mind mapping app, others prefer the term concept mapping but the truth is that Popplet is not specialized in any way and can be used for every subject imaginable.  We are often still surprised by the ingenuity and creativity of Popplet users, but we have yet to find a subject that can’t be enhanced by putting it on a popplet board. Check the articles in this blog using the search window at the top of the page to get some idea of the enormous scope of the app.

Popplet Is For Everyone

Popplet is as powerful in the hands of kindergarteners as it is in the business boardroom. A graphic organizer with powerful features underly a remarkably intuitive user interface making it a popular choice for education, business, and personal use.

Choice: Version and Device

As well as a web version Popplet is also an iOS app and fully updated for use on all of the latest Apple iPads and iPhones. The free version, Popplet Lite, will give you one popplet board. The paid version will give much, much more and synch with your web account.

Concept Mapping On The Go

As an iOS app, Popplet can be used not only in the classroom but also out and about. So, when you have an idea, immediately create a popplet and save it to work on later. Popplet is a visual app, and ideas stored in this way contain more than a simple text note.

First-grade is using Popplet to show what they know about measurement.

Sharing With Levels of Access

When you create a popplet there are several ways to share it, or not, depending on your preferences. Popplets can be “for your eyes only”, shared as a link, or completely public. Popplets also come with HTML codes and can easily be added to blog posts and web pages.


More than one person can work on a popple at the same time. The popplet’s creator simply adds collaborators. The default setting is that collaborators can only comment on another’s work, however, full access with editing permissions is also available. Ideal for group work.

Highly Useable and Attractive Visuals

Creating a popplet is a process, and more often than not the end result is a visual representation of information. Popplets can contain Images, text, drawings, urls… Popples can be different colors and different sizes and arranged precisely. Information can be quickly condensed into a single infographic.

Presentation Modes

Popplet has not one, but two ways for you to present your work. Presentation Mode 1, allows you to present popple by popple like a slideshow. In Presentation Mode 2, whole sections of your popplet can be selected and displayed in any order you choose.

Easy To Use With Powerful Features

Did we mention this already? Sure we did. But we have to mention it again. Popplet’s ease of use is its big attraction. Learners get it right away, teachers get it almost right away. Business and creative professionals appreciate Popplet’s more powerful features. Try it and see.

Go to the Popplet homepage and sign up for your free account. Join the Popplet community on Twitter and Facebook.