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10 Great Popplet Ideas For The Classroom

Fall may fast be approaching in more northern parts, but in the Popplet world, Spring has definitely arrived. In classrooms all over the globe, with blatant disregard for month and season, Popplet users old and new continue to impress with their unbounded creativity.

Fortunately, the Popplet community are a generous bunch, and we have harvested the fruits of their labors and gathered them all together for a feast!

Building and Pulling Apart Numbers in the Math Class

What are numbers? What can you do with them? How do you make them and can you break them? The answers to these questions and many more arithmetical activities account for a large percentage of Popplet shares. From the simple to the complex, Popplet is a wonder when it comes to math core skills.

Integration, Stories, Searching for Suffixes

Popplet integrates with the best of things as this multi-faceted activity shows. There is so much learning going on in this tweet that we don’t have the time to figure it all out. How many core skills can you find being taught here?

Learning Punctuation Rules: The Comma

Popplet is creative, Popplet is all about ideas, and capturing those ideas in the moment. However, it’s also an incredibly useful platform for students to demonstrate their learning. Punctuation is not as popular as it once was due to the rise of the instant message, but ask yourself, could we really do without the comma? No, I didn’t think so.

Teaching Public Speaking Skills

It has been said that speaking in public is one of thee great fears. It may be a little more complex than some other fears, but surely some knowledge and practice would go along way to making the whole experience of presenting to our fellows a far less stressful activity. Here’s an informative article on the subject from Olivia Ryan.

Sorting: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Classifying matter, like classifying anything can range from the minuscule to the mammoth in scope. Thanks to Popplet’s virtually infinite canvass, one can classify, organize, and present pretty much anything. Getting back to matter…

Brainstorming Important Questions:  “Pourquoi venons-nous au collège?”

Why do we go to college? That is definitely a question worth asking, and even more importantly – it’s worth giving it some thought before answering. Like most of the big questions, this one produces a lot of different answers. It’s often good to collaborate with others when looking for balanced, objective information. Popplet is the perfect app for brainstorming and even comes with real-time collaboration.

Computing: What’s on the Internet?

As digital technology (like Popplet) becomes a daily reality for pretty much everyone, there is still much to learn. The internet can be a wonderful space for sharing, learning, communicating…but it’s not without its pitfalls. Best we get to know all about them and share our work on Popplet. Learning about technology using while technology – great stuff!

Using The iPad Camera: Adjectives

The Popplet app on the iPad is a much-loved tool in classrooms. One of the things that students and teachers like the most is that their devices can be used to snap images, which are uploaded to Camera Roll, and immediately available for uploading to Popplet. Just like Brandi Miller did to teach her students all about adjectives.

Showing What You Know

There may be a better app around for showing what you know, but we honestly cannot think of one. Now, we are a humble lot here at Popplet, but as far as demonstrating what you have learned goes, Popplet has cracked it. Do you know how many vertices a rectangular prism has? Ms. Carrera’s student does and thanks to her, so do we. See below for the answer!

Investigating Robotics

Robots have been around for ages. However, robotics and automation are now so prevalent in society that students are learning about them from an early age. Like in this activity from Miss Schemanske, where her students learned about robots, and she learned that her students were all about helping others.

This really is a small list, but we hope it provides an overview of just some of the ways educators and learners are using Popplet in their classrooms. We also hope it inspires those who have yet to enjoy the full-on Popplet experience to give it a go.

So, if you haven’t done so already, sign up for a free Popplet account and you’ll receive ten Popplet boards absolutely free. To share your work or to contact us join the Popplet community on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.