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10 Good Reasons To Put Popplet In Your Digital Backpack

Popplet is a mind-mapping application and graphic organizer that helps students think and learn visually. With Popplet learners can capture facts, thoughts, ideas in different ways and immediately connect and visualize the relationships between them.

Popular with teachers and students, Popplet frequently makes an appearance in the ten favorite classroom apps lists that educators share on social media with their colleagues and fellows. Why does Popplet make it into the top ten EdTech apps so often?

Cost Effectiveness and Choice

Money isn’t everything. However, the quality of a child’s education may depend on how effectively digital resources are allocated. Promoting equality in education and improving the learning experience for all have always been our main goals at Popplet. Good digital technology does not have to cost the Earth, and Popplet has some deliberately attractive financial packages for school administrators, educators, students, and parents, some of which are completely free.

Ease of Use and Intuitiveness

Popplet keeps it simple! Time and time again you tell us: “Popplet is the most intuitive and user-friendly technologies we have ever used!”. For example, when Popplet is put into the hands of a kindergartener or early learner they rapidly and enthusiastically overtake their teachers in Popplet proficiency. Give it a go, it’s a sight to see.

Multiple Subjects: You can use Popplet for anything!

We say multiple, but “any” is the truth. There may be a topic that Popplet isn’t useful for, but we haven’t come across it yet. The range of uses for displaying and visualizing information is endless. Popplet is frequently used when teaching core subjects such as Literacy, Math, Science, History…We also see Popplets from Physicians, Entrepreneurs, Artists, and many other professionals and academics.

Lots of Ways to Add Information

Popplet is easy to use and intuitive and also comes equipped with a powerful set of features. One such set offers various ways to populate your Popplet boards. Here’s a short list, click on any one for a quick tutorial:

No Age Limits – No limits at all really

We’ve already mentioned Kindergarteners and this is because the most impressive Popplet creations we see are the handiwork of the under-fives: Popplet is a powerful tool when in little hands. But the very young aren’t the only age-group who choose to work with Popplet, the app is used by learners of all ages, including college students. Moreover, Popplet often finds its way into boardroom presentations and the creative spaces of professionals. Popplet is for everyone.

Teachers Love It

What can we say? Not much, so let’s just leave you with this one tweet expressing Popplet love – there are many more on our Twitter page:


As we mentioned earlier, Popplet is a great tool for students to demonstrate their learning. And, if learners are at the stage where they want to present their work to their fellows then they can make use of one of Popplet’s Presentation modes.


There are times when working alone is a good thing, but life and work just aren’t like that. So Popplet has some powerful collaboration features that allow students to all work on the same project together. With Popplet, real-time collaboration is also possible. Collaborative features have several levels of access allowing teachers and students to manage their team efforts.

Creating a popplet about ant communities.

Popplet Linker

Popplet linker is a feature that let’s one whole Popplet board be added to another popplet as a popple. Confused? Well, we hope not. But if you are, just take a look at this Popplet Linker tutorial. There’s no limit to the number of times you can do this, so as well as being a really seamless way to neatly add extra information to a single Popplet, Popplet Linker is also Popplet’s filing system.

Formatting Tools and Colors

Whether your Popplet work is a grand affair with dozens of popples, or just a few, it will often benefit from being organized. For this reason, Popplet has a set of powerful formatting tools including a choice of colors so that whatever you create looks fabulous and professional.

Is that ten? Well, there are ten headings, but if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that there are a great deal more reasons why Popplet is so popular. We could definitely write a few more pages, but the best thing to do now is to go and try out some of these features.

Sign up for a free Popplet account and we’ll give you those ten (the magic number!) free popplet boards to get you started. Popplet is also available as an iOS app. To see what others are making of Popplet, our to share with the Popplet community, follow us on Twitter, or on our Facebook page.